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  •  Unified Communicator® software, a business communications management tool with powerful features such as call routing rules, presence management options, personalized call handling, customized greeting, call history, consolidated contacts and more
  • Connection Assistant®, a workgroup tool that provides enhanced call handling, flexible programming of extensions, screen-pops of frequently used applications and more
  •  Telephony Manager, a Microsoft® CRM tool integrated with  voice platforms via the OAI interface that allows you to initiate, manage and track telephone conversations directly from MSCRM; view contact and account information; and share information across departments
  •  Attendant Console - Automated Call Handling, a unique user-friendly interface that allows employees to view the real-time status of associates for efficient call processing
  •  Web Conferencing, a cost-effective, easy-to-use, Web-based software solution that enables real-time, interactive Web-based meetings with one or even hundreds of participants—internal and external
  •  Remote Support, a Web-based software solution designed for e-support professionals, as well as e-sales, that enables easy, cost-effective online communication
  •  Audio and Web Conferencing, an IP-based collaboration solution that brings together exceptional voice and video capabilities to facilitate cost-effective, highly interactive online conferences
  •  Contact Center Suite, a collection of modules that enable real-time and historical call statistics and reporting features; call routing and handling options; and screen-popping of frequently used applications
  •  Enterprise® Messaging, a scalable, speech-enabled messaging and auto attendant application offering integrated voice and data communications, unified messaging, e-mail reader functionality and flexible call routing
  •  Unified Messaging software, an application that streamlines e-mail, fax and voice mail into one universal mailbox
  •  Voice Processing unit, software that includes an automated attendant, call routing announcements, record-a-call capabilities, robust voice mail features and more
  •  Applications Platform: IVR, a platform for integrating and customizing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications to automate call handling, transactions and outbound messages 24/7