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The application supports three ways to connect to the phone system: IP connection, Direct cable and Modem.
This application requires System OAI Level2 enabled on the phone system port connected with the PC.

Network Connection

IP Address: Enter the IP address of the Call Processing Card (CPC),
                    Call Processing Server (CPS), Switch Transceiver or CT Gateway
Port:            Enter port number used by the socket selected.
Password:   Enter the password for the type of socket requests.
                    Passwords are programmed in the Database Programming
                    in the sockets folder (System/Cabinets/CentralProcessor-PCM
                    /Sockets). If the socket type is not enabled, then the connection
                    will be refused.


Modem Connection

Serial port:       Select the COM port that is assign to the PC modem.
Phone number: Enter the phone number you will dial to reach the phone
                          system’s modem.
Dial mode:        Depending on the phone service you have on the phone line
                          which connected to your modem, select dialing mode pulse
                          or tone.
Timeout:           The time the application is waiting for the modem to connect.


Direct Connection

Serial port: Select the PC COM port that is connected to the phone system.
Baud rate:  Select the baud rate for the specified COM port to match that of
                    the phone system.